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Sizzle Lighters - Luxe Black

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A conversation starter…

The Sizzle Luxe Lighter feels as elegant and futuristic as it appears. Hold the metal, zinc alloy wand in your hand and feel the balance of weight. Produce a bright and powerful concentrated arc ignition from its tip by nudging your thumb forward on the switch.

Fuel-free. Eco-friendly. Rechargeable.

Powered by a long-lasting lithium-ion battery, Sizzle Lighters fully charge from any USB device or USB adapter - just like your phone. Each charge allows for up to 100 uses. The tested lifespan of the battery is 10,000 uses or 100 charges. Use the rear switch to power down the lighter and conserve energy when not in use.

Functionality enhanced by beauty.

Choose from silver, pewter or rose gold metallic finishes. Display your Sizzle Sleek lighter with existing decor on a table or mantle. Designed to lay on its side or stand upright. Feel confident lighting candles set in deep vases or table settings with long stem candles. (USB charge cord included).




​How is the Arc Lighter different from a traditional lighter?

Arc Lighters are Eco-friendly, convenient and easy to use.
They are 100% Flameless, Rechargeable and Windproof.
They contain a Lithium-ion battery that is UN 38.3 Certified which is used to create a high intensity electric arc.
Disposable lighters cost a lot of money over time. Refillable lighters can be messy and can harm the environment.


Environmentally Friendly; no more fuel or butane in the landfill.

There is no butane or fluid smell or taste transfer when you use the lighter.

They are Windproof, the lighter will not blow out making it easy to light just about anything in the wind.

What does an Arc Lighter ignite?

An Arc Lighter can be used to light anything a regular lighter can ignite.
The key is to place the material across the arc to ignite. The BBQ lighter style is preferred when lighting candles, incense, mosquito coils, campfires, fireworks, natural gas, propane stoves, welding equipment and pilot lights.

The elegant Sleek lighter will light your candles and incense then display nicely on your table with your candles.

The Flare lighter is great to light cigarettes and pipes. This lighter can also light campfires, candles, propane stoves etc.

How many times can you light an arc lighter?

Arc Lighters can ignite approximately 100 times on a single charge.
You can recharge the battery about 100 - 200 times depending on the size of the battery, type of lighter and how you maintain the lighter.
To extend the life of a lithium-ion battery do not drain the battery before charging it. Do not over charge the battery through the night. Do not use a fast charging USB port.

How do you recharge an Arc Lighter?

All lighters are manufactured with a USB port and come with a USB cable.
Connect the enclosed USB cable to the Arc Lighter then plug the cable into a powered USB port which has a DC 5V±0.5V output voltage and output current below 3000mA.

Do Not Use a Fast Charging USB Port

For more information visit Sizzle Lighters FAQ

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