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maison pantry

Vanilla, flavouring extracts, kosher salt, the best chocolate for baking, specialty pasta, sauces, baking mixes and so much more!

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  1. Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt 3lb/1.36kg
  2. Pure Tahitian Blend Cookie Vanilla - 16oz
  3. CB Cocoa Powder Black Noire Intense 1kg
  4. Meringue Powder - 5oz
    out of stock
  5. Brooklyn Dehli - Tomato Achaar 266ml
  6. Rootside Bitters - Aromatic-ish
  7. Vesper Cocktail Kit - Kiwi Lime Mojito
  8. out of stock
  9. Natural Sweet Dough Flavouring 4oz
  10. Cocktail Rimmer - Oaxaca
  11. Pure Almond Extract 4oz
  12. Organic Pure Lemon Extract - 4oz
  13. Caramlized Onion & Garlic Jam
  14. Belazu - Wild Mushroom Pesto
  15. Liqua-Gel Food Colouring - 20ml - Violet
  16. Vesper Cocktail Kit - Tropical Mango Rum
  17. Vesper Cocktail Kits - Cranberry Whiskey Sour
  18. Fee Bros. Bitters 150ml - Peach
    out of stock

what our customers are saying

  • "I had been thinking of upgrading some of my gear for making sourdough bread and recently placed an order with Maison Cookware. I was really happy with the service. Everything shipped very quickly, was packaged safely, and had a lovely note from the owner thanking me. Definitely not necessary, but a lovely addition. Really glad I could support a nice small business like this instead of just giving more money to Amazon. Especially at a time like this. Thanks so much!"

    Eamonn Corrigan

  • "If you've not done business with these guys, give your head a shake and do so asap. The gold standard of customer service. I dealt with Julia who could teach large corps a thing or two on how to train staff and how to treat their customers. I will be a lifelong supporter of this small business. I wish there were more businesses like this and owners like Julia. Thx again for everything. Bobby


  • "Wonderful service! They were exceptionally helpful and so accommodating to my special needs. It’s so refreshing to be treated as though you are special and appreciated. Thank you for your dedication and thoughtful efforts!"

    Richard Munley

  • "Amazing store for your cooking needs. The owner is very friendly, very knowledgeable and takes time to explain anything you need to know. Affordable items right up to high end Japanese knives and top of the line espresso makers. Definitely worth a look!"


  • "Great store! Such a variety of kitchen items, can walk circles around and still see something you missed from the first 4 laps."

    Darlene Warren

  • "The staff here are friendly and didn’t upsell my knife purchase. I needed a simple chef’s knife for a simple kitchen hack (me). I also told them about the knife that fell behind my gas stove, never to be used again (I can still see the handle peaking out). I was going to tell them how when we were children my dad would cut our hair with kitchen scissors, but the store got busy. My parents had 4 boys- understandable. Shop local if possible:). These stores deserve our business."

    Terry Reyn

  • "I was pleasantly surprised to find this store. The lady was very nice and helpful. She helped me find a knife that met my needs as opposed to trying to up-sell. I will absolutely be making this store my starting point for kitchen supplies."

    Simon Trigona

  • "This store is so great. Lots of good quality and niche products that I have never seen anywhere else. The staff are really friendly and definitely know their stuff too. The girl with the purple hair was so cute and funny... thank you for your help!"

    alli ferns