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Callebaut Ruby RB1 Couveture 2.5kg

THE 4TH CHOCOLATE IS HERE! After dark, milk and white, ruby is the first chocolate discovery in 80 years, RB1 is born from the ruby cocoa bean & has a ruby colour and fruitiness without adding any colourants or fruit flavourings.
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Note: Due to high temperatures or high humidity, chocolate products may melt during shipment.  We strongly recommend shipping chocolate during fall/winter/spring months when the temperature is cooler.  However, we cannot guarantee that chocolate will not melt during the shipping process.  Chocolate that has encountered melting will appear dull coloured or may have greyish/white streaks and dots.  This is known as 'bloom' and indicates that the cocoa butter is separating from the chocolate and is rising to the surface.  Although not the prettiest in appearance, chocolates with bloom are fine to eat with little impact to the texture or taste of the chocolate.  

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