All-Clad 10 Piece Copper Core Set

All-Clad’s Copper Core line is a collection of pots and pans with five-ply construction of copper, aluminum and stainless steel for unparalleled responsiveness, conductivity and distribution of heat.
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Constructed for a lifetime of regular use and the ultimate experience in culinary performance, All-Clad's Copper Core line is designed for experienced cooks looking to master their craft. This 10 Piece Copper Core set has the basic essential pots and pans to cook most dishes. Both durable, with five-ply construction, and beautiful, with a ring of copper to add a finishing touch on the exterior, the Copper Core line is built to last.


All-Clad's Copper Core line consists of 5 layers - a copper core sandwiched by two layers of aluminum with two layers of stainless steel to encompass the cookware.

- The copper core surpasses aluminum in the rate at which it conducts and responds to heat.

- The aluminum is highly conductive.

- The stainless steel provides a non-reactive cooking surface as well as making the entire cookware easy to maintain.


The responsiveness in the Copper Core line is especially important to those who require precise temperature control for things such as preparing delicate sauces, thus this line is designed for more experienced cooks looking to master their craft.


This set includes:

- 8" Fry Pan

- 10" Fry Pan

- 2-Qt Saucepan with lid

- 3-Qt Saucepan with lid

- 3-Qt Sauté Pan with lid

- 8-Qt Stock Pot with lid


Induction, gas, electric, ceramic, halogen, oven and broiler compatible up to 600°F/316°C.


Dishwasher safe.



- 8" Fry Pan: 8" diameter, 2" high / 20cm diameter, 5cm high.

- 10" Fry Pan: 10" diameter, 2" high / 25.5cm diameter, 5cm high.

- 2-Qt Saucepan: 6" diameter, 4.25" high / 15.25cm diameter, 10.5cm high.

- 3-Qt Saucepan: 8" diameter, 3.5" high / 20cm diameter, 9cm high.

- 3-Qt Sauté Pan: 10.5" diameter, 2.5" high / 27cm diameter, 6.5cm high.

- 8-Qt Stock Pot: 10.5" diameter, 5.25" high / 27cm diameter, 13.5cm high.


Made in the USA.


All-Clad Limited Lifetime Warranty.